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A young witch named Midnight, finds her mystic teacher dead in a cemetery in New York City. He was killed after he uncovered a plot to break down the gates to hell and the task now falls to her to stop countless demons from overrunning the world. But Midnight isn’t sure if she is ready to take on such a huge task alone. Being questioned by the police who suspect her of the murder in the cemetery, Midnight must first find the gates to hell. To help her, she calls on her guardian angel, and after investigating, they decide they must go to the Temple of Persephone in Locri in southern Italy.

There she meets an Italian witch who has been having nightmares about the gates of hell. Because of their common problems, the two witches team-up, and confront the evil witch who is behind the plot, but Midnight doesn’t realize the same evil witch is her actual birth mother. The time finally comes when she must find out if she truly is as powerful as her mentor always told her she was, and if she has the will to oppose her own mother.

P.Z.’s Other Books

A woman is declared dead on arrival and her remains are used in a special military project. When she wakes, she has no memory of her former self, but she has advanced motor skills and telepathic ability. The military wanted her to be their new weapon against the alien enemy, but they never bargained for what they got.

The story of two young Italians in pre-war Europe who are forced to escape their home during the night to get away from the Fascists. However, with their love, perseverance and determination they cross Europe and hide on French islands near Newfoundland. Slowly they carve out a better life near Detroit.

She is a widow in Italy with two small children. He is an Italian war hero living in Canada. Life becomes so hard for her she applies to be a mail order bride. It is not until after they marry they realize they follow different paths. He searches for his answers in religion, while she follows witchcraft and the occult.

Work in Progress

The Diamond Bridge

After her mother dies, a young woman discovers that she was abducted when she was two years old, but instead of being kidnapped, she may have been rescued, but from who or what?

First, Joan discovers that she lived a life of stolen identities, but even after Joan finds out who her birth parents really were, she must decide if she wants to join a witches coven. Sometimes her best friend even asks, “Who are you, girl?” Gradually, Joan discovers what she is truly capable of and that she must cross ‘the diamond bridge’. Ultimately, when she discovers who murdered her parents, Joan must decide if she will extract her revenge and how.

Rating: 5 out of 5.



Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Love it”


Rating: 4 out of 5.



P.Z. Johns, Author

P.Z. Johns dedicated his first book THE SUM OF SMALL EFFORTS to his daughter Lisa and WILDFIRE is his breakout science fiction novel. He is now finished WHEN STRANGERS MARRY and it is the second of his Italian immigrant set. His new book about witchcraft is called LOCRI: PORTAL TO HELL and it is also on sale now.

P.Z. Johns was born in Canada and now lives in the mid-west in the United States.  When he is not writing, P.Z. is an avid video-gamer and enjoys meeting other players from around the world.

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